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Want to Amplify Your Messages?

Darren D. Walker

Then Create Your Own Digital Newsroom.

Do you want to outpace your competitors? Then become your own content provider. Gone are the days when you would write a press release, send it to media outlets, and hope that one of them would deem your story newsworthy. Today more than ever companies can reach their target audiences directly with relevant, timely content.Intel, Coca Cola, IBM, Infiniti, and Red Bull have created in-house "newsrooms" to manage their own brand stories. How? By borrowing from the 24-hour news cycle model.Not everyone is going to agree with me. After all, Public Relations, Brand and Advertising agencies rely on this pain point to generate revenue. But what I’m proposing is actually just a different type of relationship based on the new digital media landscape. Assuming you like the idea of developing your own newsroom following is an illustration of how this might look in your organization:

Now let's review some potential positives and negatives of this approach.


- An in-house newsroom allows you to drive your organization’s narrative

- You don't have to rely on external sources to amplify your message

- You can proactively map out your content and align it with quarterly business objectives

- Good content tends to have a tendency to take on a viral life of its own


- You need buy-in across the entire organization for this concept to work effectively

- You need dedicated editors with specific expertise from different departments

- You require an agile sign-off model for "breaking news" dissemination

But you’re a small business owner without unlimited resources? Well, the idea is scalable.

All that’s left for you to do is decide if the pros outweigh the cons.

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