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Why Omnichannel Marketing?

Darren D. Walker

The short answer: because, if well done, it saves you money.

Omnichannel marketing is a 360 degree approach to brand building. I used it for much of my career. Nothing is more professionally satisfying than demonstrating that an omnichannel approach can transform a company's marketing activities from an expense into a tremendous return on investment.

communications, une approche de marketing omnicanal s'applique à toutes les iAlthough my experience was primarily in the telecommunications sector, an omnichannel marketing approach applies to all industries. This requires some initial thinking and strategic planning of how a given organization intends to communicate with its various audiences across multiple touchpoints. A touchpoint is any relevant method of communicating your brand and its values. With so many ways to reach your audience, from your website to social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a myriad of others, getting the right marketing mix for your business is essential.

Just because your competitors are doing it doesn't mean it's good for your organization. Your audience includes the obvious participants like your customers, shareholders, investors and other stakeholders. Often overlooked, but critical to the successful implementation of an omnichannel marketing communications strategy, are an organization's employees; all your employees. Not just those responsible for your brand and related communication activities. Brand commitment should start within your organization, regardless of size or number of employees, before it is communicated outside.

Ultimately the benefits are:

- Alignment of key messages across your organization internally

-Improved operational efficiency.

- Consistent articulation of your brand across external touchpoints.

-Return on investment (ROI) from a marketing communications spend perspective.

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