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Managing your Content Marketing in 3 Steps

Darren. D Walker

This is the era of content. Everywhere you turn someone is trying to tell you something.

So how do you cut through the clutter to deliver your brand’s message? How do you align your content with your overall business objectives? Whether you manage a small business or a large company you need a content calendar. Your content calendar helps you to map out your editorial strategy. It drives what you want to say when? Defining your marketing mix is essential. And developing an authentic voice is equally important.As I mentioned in a previous post about strategy, if your strategic plan is the ‘what’ – the upfront thinking to achieve long-term objectives, then your tactics are the ‘how’ – the way you will actually action your daily strategy.Your content is a tactic to communicate with your various publics. Call them scheduled conversations. Your content strategy should consider the following:

1. Is your content offering real value?

2. Are you building brand awareness?

3. What is the purpose of your content, lead generation for example?Whether you decide to engage daily, weekly or monthly depends on how frequently you want to engage with individual touchpoints.

Again, make sure you’re authentic. And don’t forget about timeliness and relevance.

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