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Marketer. UX Design fanatic. Communicator. EDI advocate. 

Darren D. Walker Marketing Inc. has provided omnichannel services since 2009. 

With 20+ years of professional experience in marketing international telecom start-ups, I take a hands-on approach and work with clients to articulate their vision across relevant touch points. 

This company was born out of a particular challenge 13 years ago. After living, working and learning in more than a dozen countries, I returned to Canada and could not find a job. Why? I lacked “Canadian experience.”  


So, I decided to use my international experience to launch a company focused on helping people like you to develop your unique digital marketing platforms.

I am also inspired to provide growth opportunities for people from marginalized communities.

We have grown over the years, and I now work with developers and coders in India, the Middle East and here in Canada to deliver exceptional marketing and technology services to our clients.

Let’s work together to find solutions to your business challenges.​​


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