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  • Is marketing really that important, or is it just hype?"
    If you want to differentiate your business from your competitors’ marketing is more essential than ever today. Think about it, what makes you decide to purchase a particular product or services instead of another in the same category? Branding and the supporting marketing.
  • What makes you different from an ad agency?
    We are a digital agency. We have a. combined 30+ years of experience, and develop and execute your marketing plan end-to-end. This ensures that your business is online and up and running within a month or two.
  • Do I need marketing advisory or consulting?
    Depending on the composition of your team, you might need one or both. Our process always starts with a brief form which helps us to understand your requirements. From that we develop a comprehensive scope of work document. We also provide strategic advice, but we are also have hands-on researchers, writer sand web content developers on our team.
  • What is integrated marketing?
    Integrated marketing considers the entire “marketing mix.” This includes product, price, promotion and place for businesses selling goods, with the addition of physical evidence and process, for service-based business. Marketing communications includes branding, website development, advertising and digital marketing.
  • What about growth marketing?
    Believe it or not, there was a time not long ago when marketing, communications and sales all worked independently. The short answer is that growth marketing considers all of these critical business functions, with the understanding that businesses need these areas to work together when building a strategic marketing plan.
  • What is diversity marketing?
    Also known as inclusive marketing, this approach considers the lived experiences of people who are often “othered.” It ensures representation across the board, and helps companies avoid costly and/or embarrassing marketing mistakes.
  • Why do I need a marketing plan?
    “If you fail to plan, then plan to fail.” Think of your marketing plan like a car’s GPS navigational system. You can drive a car without GPS, of course. But the benefit of having of having an integrated marketing communications strategy is that it provides the framework for your ongoing marketing needs. We start with a SWOT analysis, which then helps to define your company's particular marketing mix. A written marketing plan aligned with your business and sales objectives is critical.
  • Why should I work with you to develop my marketing plan?
    We have more than 30 years of experience developing and implementing integrated marketing strategies.
  • What is Search Engine Optimization and why do I need it?
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that your website is findable online. It relies on the use of keywords relevant to your business. Well written web and blog SEO content helps to get your website ranked higher in search engines, and is a critical component of a good marketing strategy. A good SEO strategy is an excellent way to get ROI on your marketing spend, especially when that converts into paying customers for you.
  • What is a mobile responsive website and why do I need one?
    We actually take a mobile/tablet first approach to marketing because this is how more people are accessing brands. Recognizing the importance of this approach, Google started to index mobile sites in 2018. In fact, today websites have to support mobile or risk being removed from Google’s index.
  • What is marketing automation?
    With so many channels in the marketing mix to consider, there is now software available to facilitate better communication to build long term relationships. Also known as funnel marketing, marketing automation enhances email marketing by allowing you to track website visitors, capture, score and nurture leads, automate marketing activities based on specific marketing triggers and generally provides a built in CRM capability.
  • What is a tech stack and why do I need one?
    A tech stack is a set of technologies used to build a website, a web app, or a mobile app. It consists of two elements: the front end and the back end. The front end refers to how it looks, while the back end refers to how it works. We consider the tech stack in conjunction with strategic brand development, the user experience, and the impact that these will ultimately have on your marketing activities.
  • What are your rates?
    Our rates are highly competitive. Check out the Book Now area of our website for examples of our applicable hourly rates. Let us know your project requirements and we will work with you to provide solutions within your budget. Ask about our 10% discount for non-profits and social enterprises.
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